Welcome Friends!

We want to thank you all for helping us to celebrate the life and music of Maestro Ali Akbar Khan. The Centennial Tribute year was an incredible culmination of love, and it is all thanks to you, our AACM Family. This website will remain up as a forever memorial to him, and as a space where our community can continue to come together and access the wonderful memories this year has brought us.

Khansahib (as he is commonly referred to), was larger than life while remaining humble and accessible. These dualities may be one of the reasons students came to the Ali Akbar College of Music and never left. He was a true master musician. This was evident in his classes—taught over a forty-year period—as well as in his concerts and recordings. It is our great pleasure to offer this platform to you all to reminisce, rediscover, and celebrate the brilliance and humanity of Khansahib.

With our warm regards!

The AACM Family