Ustad Ali Akbar Khan with Smt. Banani Ghosh


By Prosenjit Ghosh Banani Ghosh, with true pedigree and authenticity, is a name synonymous with Tagore. She is the only artist from India to promote and propagate the genius of Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore to the North American audience, and hence has been regarded as the Musical Ambassador for Rabindrasangeet [songs from Rabindranath Tagore]. […]

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First Memories


First Memories, Vol. 1 By Mary Khan (Mrs. Ali Akbar Khan) The year was 1972. I was 15 years old and looking for the ‘big something’ to happen to me that would show me what I was supposed to be doing with my life. I know, for some people, that type of searching might come later in their lives, but as a little girl I knew with all of my being that I had an enormous job to do. […]

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Vienna Streets


By Tren Sommers In May of 1971, Maestro Ali Akbar Khan was in Vienna to play a concert in Vienna’s Symphony Hall—used by Beethoven, Mozart, and many other greats. We were staying in a hotel in the old part of Vienna, near the university. The hotel was on a narrow street lined with coffee shops, bookstores and restaurants. Khansahib and Susan were on the 4th floor and Shankar Ghosh and I shared a room directly beneath them. […]

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At the Feet of the Master: Studying Music with Ali Akbar Khan


By Teed Rockwell Overlooking us all is a stained glass window of the goddess Saraswati, playing a Vina with two of her four hands, surrounded by photographs and drawings of venerable Indian musician-sages. […]

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By Shankar Bhattacharyya Baba (Ustad Ali Akbar Khan) was the kind of musician who appears on Earth maybe once every 1000 years. His creations, like Raagas Chandranandan and Gourimanjari, are unparalleled and changed the landscape of Indian and World Music. Those of us who were privileged to witness some of his concerts and classes got a glimpse of a true genius. […]




By John Philip Wagner My story starts with the moon raga and Khansahib’s recording of this most wonderful piece of music. His performance of the raga Chandranadan on connoisseur records was my introduction to genius on the sarod. During the summer of 1968, our country was burning with the horror of the Vietnam war. Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated and there was rioting in our major cities. […]


Beyond Quantifying


By Diana Waldron Unfortunately, Khansahib passed away before I began learning sitar. I began learning sitar in 2014 with Roop Verma. I then started having pretty electrifying dreams in which Khansahib would appear and play music. He was in a state of ecstasy and pure bliss, playing long concerts that just felt like an ocean of energy and sound. I could hear the music so clearly and deeply! It was (and is) powerful. I would wake up and feel so filled with inspiration and desire to practice. […]

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Shared Wavelength


By Diane De Pisa, Albany I first became aware of this great musician in the late 1950s, when a friend from Kabul gave me that early recording of the Maestro with Mahapurush Misra, introduced by Yehudi Menuhin. Not much later I enjoyed a live concert by Khan with Misra in San Francisco. And, memorably also, I heard the Maestro with my future husband—Elio De Pisa from Rome—at a unique venue on an island in the middle of the Tiber. Elio, a skilled pianist, was an immediate convert to the Indian mode. […]

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An Experience in Itself


By Don Willis I first saw Ali Akbar Khansahib in 1967, at Stanford University—where I was a student—in duet with Ravi Shankar. It was the height of the Beatles/Ravi craze, and everyone had heard of Ravi Shankar. But who was this other musician, this genius, who outshone him? I was enthralled. Over the next ten years I went to many concerts of Khansahib and bought his records. I knew he had a school, but only when I got a notice in the mail, in 1977—come see our new home in San Rafael—did I make the journey to see what it was all about. […]

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