By Diana Waldron

Unfortunately, Khansahib passed away before I began learning sitar. I began learning sitar in 2014 with Roop Verma. I then started having pretty electrifying dreams in which Khansahib would appear and play music. He was in a state of ecstasy and pure bliss, playing long concerts that just felt like an ocean of energy and sound. I could hear the music so clearly and deeply! It was (and is) powerful. I would wake up and feel so filled with inspiration and desire to practice.

His music—beyond anything else I have ever heard—has truly transported me beyond.

Into pure love and pure truth. His music has brought so much clarity to my mind and ease to my heart. Within the first three, I would already have tears in my eyes. Each note he plays feels so intentional, so exact, so filled with meaning and love.

The emotion which he conveys through his playing is breathtaking. From the most rhythmically complex lines to the slow, melancholic notes that seem to last an eternity—all of it is truly beyond words and beyond quantifying.

I’m so grateful to have found this music in my life, and that Khansahib has dedicated his life to sharing it with others and bringing this magic all over the world!