May 14th, 2022
at 7:00PM – Online

Tejendra Majumdar | Yogesh Samsi
Purbayan Chatterjee | Bickram Ghosh

May 14th Concert

The Artists

Tejendra Majumdar

Pandit Tejendra Majumdar

One of the best-known Sarod players of the present generation, Pandit Tejendra Narayan Majumdar has long achieved that order of excellence and popular acceptability which ensures one’s place in posterity. He had an early initiation into music by his grandfather, the late Bibhuti Ranjan Majumdar, and his considerable talent was later nurtured by his father, the late Ranjan Majumdar. Tejendra received vocal and rhythm training under Late Pandit Amaresh Chowdhury and Sri Anil Palit, which further ensured a holistic musical development in him. Tejendra was then accepted by the late Ustad Bahadur Khan as his disciple.

Pandit Yogesh Samsi

Yogesh Samsi is recognized as a leading table artiste in the world today, exhibiting consummate artistry both as a soloist and accompanist. The son of the renowned vocalist, the late Pandit Dinkar Kaikini, Yogesh was initiated on tabla by his father at the tender age of four, and later received guidance under Pandit H. Taranath Rao. However, it was under the gifted tutelage of the legendary Ustad Allah Rakha that Yogesh received intense training for 23 years, maturing into one of the most sought-after table artists in India today. His style is defined by an unmatched combination of power, sensitivity, knowledge of tradition, tonal clarity, and aesthetics.


Yogesh Samsi

Pandit Purbayan Chatterjee

Purbayan Chatterjee is considered as one of the finest sitar players in Indian Classical music, and has attained a very special place for himself among the musicians and music lovers around the world. Purbayan belongs to the famous Senia Maihar Gharana, the school established by musical genius Baba Allauddin Khan, the guru of such artists as Ustad Ali Akbar Khan on the sarod, and sitar players Pandit Ravi Shankar and Pandit Nikhil Banerjee. Purbayan also studied directly with Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.

Pandit Bickram Ghosh

Bickram Ghosh is one of the most well-known names in the world of Indo-fusion music. The son and disciple of the illustrious tabla maestro Pandit Shankar Ghosh and well-known vocalist Sanjukta Ghosh, Bickram also learnt the nuances of Carnatic percussion from the great maestro of the mridangam, Pandit S. Sekhar. Bickram has performed the world over with the greatest names in classical music, and learned the intricacies of accompaniment from Pandit Ravi Shankar, with whom he played for over a decade.

Bickram Ghosh