By Tamarind Free Jones

Happy 100th Birthday.

Remembering you today, and always, with deepest love, gratitude and respect—for your love and dedication to the music you brought to the world, your students, and to the preservation of this great tradition, for all time, through your library and the Ali Akbar College Of Music.

I am forever grateful to be your student and to have had the profound blessing of studying with you for 17 years, and to have been Blessed by your direct instruction in so many countless ways.

Tamarind and KhansahibThis photo is from your Birthday some years back, when Gaayatri, myself and Nilan performed on your stage at the Ali Akbar College Of Music for the first time. I will never forget this happy day, and the ways you guided us through it all, tuned the instruments, and your smile and love.

I pray to always honor the affectionate name you called me, Thumri, and to help carry on your music, and true music in all the ways I can

I love you and miss you.

Tamarind Free Jones