By Prabha and Thomas

Baba: A hundred years,

200 years,

300 years

It does not matter, Baba is beyond time. He came from the Beyond.

With His devine music He has pressed His seal on our heart.

With one raga He could expess a myriad shades of joy,

myriads shades of pain.

Touching deeply.

Words can not tell, how He made our  hearts overflow.

Baba:the hollow bamboo, through which Sarasvati could appear.

Baba:with one magic stroke He would make the Love-Light shine.

Baba:His light will shine for ever.


He is here with us

and yet

we miss Him

Love to all of you, connected in this vast energetic field of  Baba’music.

We are so happy to be part of this wonderful family.

Prabha and Thomas